Welcome to Thought Candy!

The Thought Candy blog is written by two old school friends Maya and Claudia. Over bottles of wine and tears (!) we have shared similar experiences of dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety in setting up our own businesses. Having busy lives in London has also brought its own levels of insecurity and unhappiness too. We know that we’re not alone either. But what we kept coming back to was the lack of effective coping mechanisms to make us feel better. We’ve tried a myriad of meditation apps……Barraging our family and friends with our problems, professional therapy, exercise and yoga have all helped to a degree but we have yet to find a way of truly taking control of our negative thoughts and understanding ourselves better in order to manage them. We knew it was only down to ourselves to overcome these negative feelings, no one else. We decided to create Thought Candy as a way of understanding the psychology of stress and anxiety more and learning what else is out there that may work for us as individuals.

Join us on our journey of discovery!

Maya & Claudia